I am honest, confident, goal oriented person. In a relationship I am faithful, committed, considerate, thoughtful, honest, kind and sociable. I hate lies and false people. I am responsible and hard-working at work. I like to take care of myself, I am confident active person, I never stop on half a way, because I exactly know what I want. Who am I looking for? A man who is independent, self assured. Smart, but doesn't need to make sure everyone in the room knows. Great sense of humor, and willing to laugh at himself and nothing like waiting tables to gain a healthy dose of humility.

I think I am looking for someone who won't put up with any of my nonsense, but rather challenges me intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, physically and really makes me want to be the best wife/woman I can be. I think physical attraction over the long term is very important, I just don't know what the formula is for that but, I suspect it goes hand in hand with intimacy over the long term. Oh, and listeners are better than talkers, as a matter of fact, if you have ever been told you talk really fast, we're probably not going to be a very good match..lol. I want to experience all life has to offer while I am still relatively young and healthy and am looking for the perfect match to accompany me on my journey. SERIOUS MINDED PERSON ONLY