psalm 55

(1) Head: at neginot. Masks David. (2) Hear, Gd, my prayer, and does not hide from my pleading. (3) Give heed to me and give me an answer, I groan in my words (sad) and cry (4) From the voice of the enemy, from the oppression of the wicked, for they cause me harm, and in wrath they hate (against) me. (5) My heart trembles within me, and the terrors of death are fallen upon me. (6) Fear and trembling come upon me, and horror has covered me. (7) And I said: Who will give me wings like a dove! I flew off and settled (at rest). (8) Here, I wandered away, have settled in the desert. Sal! (9) I would rush to the shelter for me - from the windy storm and tempest. (10) destroyed (them), L-rd, divide their tongues, for I have seen violence and strife in the city (11) Day and night passes him on the walls of his; and lawlessness and crime in the midst thereof. (12) The misfortune of the midst thereof, and does not come from the area of his deception and lies. (13) For it is not an enemy that reproached me - (it) carried I do not a hater of my towering over me - I would have fled from him, (14) But you, man, equal to me the true, my friend and acquaintance of mine, (15 ) with whom he enjoyed, we advice, went to the house of Gd in the assembly of the people. (16) Yes, he moved against them fatal (enemies), let them go down quick into hell: for wickedness is in their dwellings, and within them. (17) For Gd will call upon me, and Gd will save me. (18) In the evening, and morning, and at noon I will beg and scream, and he will hear my voice. (19) he hath redeemed my soul in peace from the attack on me, because they were in a number of near me. (20) will hear Gd, and pacify them anciently seated - Sal! - those who have no changes, and (those) not afraid of Gd (21) (Who) stretched their hands on (staying) in the world with him, violated his covenant. (22) Softer oil his lips and in his heart - language, his words softer than oil, but they were - naked swords. (23) burden upon the L-rd your burden, and He shall sustain thee, forever will not allow the righteous to be moved. (24) And You, Gd, shalt bring them down into the pit a disastrous; bloody and deceitful men shall not live out half their days. And I rely on you!

psalm 56

(1) Head: on "Yonath-Eylem Rehokim". Tho David - when pelishtimlyane captured him in Gath. (2) Have mercy on me, Gd, for man wants to swallow me up all day long the enemy oppresses me. (3) They want to swallow me up all the day long my enemies, because many combatants with me, (4) the Most High! On the day when I am in fear, I rely on you. (5) In Gd, whose word I praise, in the Gd rely, not fear. (6) What will make me flesh? All day distort my words, all thoughts of me - for evil. (7) are collected, they pritaivayutsya, guarded by my feet. (8) As they counted on my soul! The iniquity abhor them in anger deposed peoples (9) Gd! My wandering Thou numbered, folded my tears in your leather fur - are they not in thy book? (10) Then my enemies will retreat back in the day (when) I will call. (From) that I recognize that Gd is with me. (11) In Gd, whose word I praise, I, on the L-rd, whose word I praise, (12) In Gd rely, not fear. (13) What man do to me? On me, Gd, vows to you, you'll pay offerings, (14) For You saved my soul from death, yes, and my feet from stumbling, to walk (to me) before God in the light of life.

psalm 57

(1) Head: on "Al-tashheyt". Tho David - when he fled from Saul into the cave. (2) Have mercy on me, Gd, have mercy on me, for in thee my soul has relied in the shadow of thy wings will I find refuge until the troubles pass by. (3) I cry out to God Most High, to God, is completed for me (good). (4) He shall send from heaven (His mercy), and save me, disgrace seeks to devour me. Sal! Gd will send his mercy and his truth. (5) My soul is among lions, I lie (among) the flaming fire, (among) the sons of men, whose teeth - a spear and arrows, and their tongue - a sharp sword. (6) Rise of the heavens, (7) Gd, over all the earth thy glory! Network they have prepared for my steps, bent (the enemy) my soul, dug a pit before me - (do) fall into it. Sal! (8) Solid my heart, God is firmly my heart, I will sing and chant (Thee). (9) Awake, my glory, awake harp and Kinnaur. I awaken the dawn. (10) Hail Thee among the peoples will, Gd, I will sing of you among the peoples, (11) For the great up to the heavens, and thy mercy to the clouds of heaven - your truth. (12) rise above the heavens, God is over all the earth thy glory!

psalm 58

(1) Head: on "Al-tashheyt". Tho David. (2) Did you say is true, a gathering (of the wicked), an impartial judge whether the children of men? (3) Even in the heart of injustice is being done, on earth weigh (ponder) atrocities of their own hands. (4) From the womb of the parent (birth) wicked are astray from the womb speaking lies. (5) Their poison, as the poison of a serpent, like the deaf adder, that stoppeth his ear, (6) In order not to hear the voice of charmers, skillful sorcerer. (7) Gd, smash their teeth in their mouth, break the fangs of the lions, the L-rd! (8) they will melt as the water, will be; he will strain his arrows - they become frayed. (9) As a snail Istan, (as) miscarriage women, who had not seen the sun! (10) Before the thorns become soft spines, anger (D-Spodnja) as a storm, and they will be carried out. (11) The righteous shall rejoice because he has seen the revenge, he shall wash his feet in the blood of the wicked. (12) And man shall say: yes, fruit - righteous, yes, there is a Gd who judges on earth.

psalm 59

(1) Head. According to "Al-tashheyt". Tho David - when Saul sent (people), and they were watching the house to kill him (David). (2) Save me from my enemies, my Gd, from the protection against me me. (3) Save me from those who do injustice, and from people who shed blood, deliver me, (4) For behold await them my soul, going to me cruel not for my transgression nor for my sin, (5) the L-rd, do not for wine (my) will run together and are prepared. Awake to meet me and see! (6) And You, L-rd Gd of hosts, the Gd Yisraeylya, Awake to punish all the nations, nor show mercy to traitors, all (perpetrators) of iniquity. Sal! (7) returns in the evening, grumbling like a dog, and circling the city. (8) Here, spew (hula) her mouth, swords in their mouths, because (thinking) Who hears? (9) But thou, O L-rd, laugh at them, you will scoff at all the nations. (10) The strength of it (my enemy). I am waiting for you, because Gd - my bulwark. (11) The Gd of my mercy, meet me, Gd would give me to see (the death of) my enemies. (12) Do not kill them, and then forgets his force my, they force people to wander, and I will bring them, our shield, Gd, (13) (For) the sin of their language, (with) the word of mouth. And catch will be his pride for the curses and lies (which) speaketh them. (14) Destroy anger, Destroy, and do not become them, and learn to the ends of the earth, that God is sovereign in Yaakove. Sal! (15), and returns in the evening, grumbling like a dog, and circling the city. (16) they are loitering to (find) the food, and not be satisfied, howling. (17) I will sing of thy power, and praise thy lovingkindness in the morning, because I was you stronghold and refuge in the day of my trouble. (18) The strength of mine! You will sing, for Gd - my bulwark, Gd of my mercy.