Why break the dishes?

Leo kazin

Indeed, the question "Why break the dishes?" asked by many when the witness chuppah - a Jewish wedding ceremony.

In the silence relatives and guests are watching how the groom pronounces the words: "And here you are devoted to me by the laws of Moses and Israel" - and wears a wedding ring on bride's hand. Then read out the marriage contract "Ktuba" seven blessings pronounced, and only at the end of the solemn ceremony, the groom breaks foot put on the floor (preferably wrapped in a napkin), glass (although it is possible to simplify and light bulb). Only then will all the congregation joyfully exclaim: "Mazal Tov!", Wishing the couple happiness. Some still wonder: Is that the wish of happiness, it is imperative to break the dishes? Perhaps, therefore, matter is a belief that the dishes beating at happiness. Although, I think that it originated among non-Jews, because for thousands of years Jews knew that glass is broken at a wedding in the memory of the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple.

This tradition is based on the words of King David: "If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let me forget my right hand, let my tongue cleave to the roof if I do not remember you, If you do not lift up Jerusalem to the top of my joy!" (Ps, 137: 5-6).

How can elevate Jerusalem above my joy? Remembering Jerusalem in the happiest moment of life, your wedding day!

But unless the memory of the destruction of the Temple, the tragic fate of the exiled people of his country, does not overshadow the joy of the wedding? No, this is a great lesson for newlyweds: your true home - not the walls and furniture, and love for each other! Breaking glass, we remind you that, in spite of the ruined Temple of enemies, they still did not manage to destroy our love for each other. And all the time that a Jewish family, called the small temple, continues to be strong and loving, the Jewish people continues to exist. Because the one who builds the family, like rebuilding the Temple, and everyone who cheers the bride and groom - rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem was destroyed! King Solomon wrote that the Church really was not only built of stone and wood, "Pillars of his silver, gold upholstery, seat of purple, and inside it is ready made with love" (Song of Songs 3:10). The essence of any building, any subject, is not a physical shell, and the spiritual forces that were laid during its creation.

- Why was the First Temple destroyed? - asked the sages of the Talmud.

- Because of three things: paganism, immorality and bloodshed ... But in the Second Temple taught the Torah, the commandments, doing charity work. Why was he destroyed? Due to unfounded hatred. To teach us that causeless hatred is the three crime together! " (Yoma, 39).

Magaral from Prague explained that when the First Temple was built by the merits of the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Second Temple was built merits of Joseph and his brothers, who were able to overcome jealousy and achieve unity. Abraham taught us charity, Yitzhak - devotion to the commandments, Jacob - the truths of the Torah. But when the Jews began to sin paganism - the exact opposite of the truth, wickedness - the opposite of devotion to the precepts and bloodshed - the opposite of love, it is indicated that the spiritual forces that have become the foundation of the First Temple, destroyed in the souls of men. Then collapsed and the building of the Temple.

The basis of the Second Temple was the unity of the people, which was expressed in the love of the Jews together. So when spread among the Jews causeless hatred collapsed Second Temple, the spiritual foundations and followed its destruction on the earth!

Therefore rebuild the Temple should love each other, overcoming hatred and hostility! ... Forty Years of the Most High "was feeding you with manna ... that you know that not by bread alone does man live, but by what comes out of the mouth of God" (Deuteronomy 8: 3). What do the words: "Not by bread alone does man live"? The fact that a person has not only the body needs to eat, but also the soul thirsting for knowledge. Rav Chaim Vital, a disciple of the great Kabbalist, the Arizal, wrote that the words "Not by bread alone does man live" hint at the fact that in the bread, as well as in any subject, not only the physical shell. Gd said, "Let there be light!" And as he said the light was created. The words of the Almighty, "Let there be light!" They are the spiritual essence of the world. Word of God, created all things in the world, continues to be the spiritual essence of any subject. And if the human body is "saturated" material elements of bread, the soul - "word of God", the spiritual energy that is hidden in it ...

"- We are what we eat!" - Americans are fond of saying - the supporters of healthy food. "- We are what we eat!" - agree to the Jews, claiming that food should be not only useful, but also be as described in the Torah, the spiritual laws of kashrut. However, the words "- We are what we eat!" It should be understood broadly. We - it's something that takes inside yourself - we are what we read, listen and watch. We - those friends, the communication that we choose. We must remember: what goes around, comes around! In accordance with the spiritual laws of conservation, what we "eat" not only by mouth, but the eyes and ears, it becomes part of us. What we "accept" in their souls, eventually becoming the seed of those things that can destroy (not Gd forbid) or rebuild the Temple.

And if sins once destroyed the Temple spiritual foundation, our good deeds are able to recover it!