Where is your respect for the Torah sages?

Leo kazin

Several years ago, people filled the hall came a rich man. He did not pass the test wealth (which is often more difficult than the test of poverty) and lifted up, becoming disparage people.

So this time the rich man spoke disrespectfully to the famous sage of the Torah. Hearing daring remark, people froze. Only one man jumped up and turned to the offender: "Where is your respect for the Torah sages?".

In my opinion, this story better than any other, characterizes Rabbi Elyu Seamstress (of blessed memory). Pupils and friends recall that Rabbi Switzer treated everyone with great respect. But why, then, he entered into a public confrontation? The participants were silent not because of the sensitivity and of the tie down all feelings of fear. So silent at the sight of the metro passengers insolent, which adheres to the passengers in the car. Also, students from schools are often reluctant to stand up for a classmate who becomes the victim of attacks by aggressive children, fear itself become the subject of ridicule. Such bullying from peers may be one of the causes of teen suicide. Stop them may collective that intercede for the weak ...

The tragedy that befell the Jews during the Second World War, and was made possible because of the criminal silence of the world ...

Switzer was a disciple of Rav Rabbi Aaron Kotlyar (founder of the yeshiva in Lakewood, New Jersey), who created during the war to save Jews Committee. In 1955, Rabbi Switzer headed the yeshiva in Philadelphia, but, like his great teacher, he devoted himself to the problems of the Jews in the world, and in particular Russia.

In 1987, Rabbi Switzer asked me to come to America from Israel. A year later he founded a Jewish school for the children of immigrants from Russia, "Sinai Academy" - in Brooklyn. He gathered a group of people and asked them to support the new school by telling them the following story:

- Once the pre-war Lithuanian yeshiva student Shimon Schwab appeared before the famous Chofetz Chaim.

- I Cohen. And you know why? - asked Chofetz Chaim.

- Your father was a Cohen.

- And why my father was a Cohen?

- Because your grandfather was Cohen.

- And why my grandfather was Cohen? When Moses came down from Mount Sinai, he saw dancing around the golden calf of the Jews. "Those in favor of the Most High - to me!" - Moses cried. They responded to his call Levites. This happened more than three thousand years ago, and their descendants - kogeny and Levites - continue to enjoy the privileges and honors to this day! So great is the reward of those who respond to the call of "Who is for the Almighty - to me!"

- Today, I appeal to you - continued Rabbi Switzer. - Those in favor of the Almighty, who is Jewish education for the children of immigrants - to me! School "Sinai" need your support! ..

Before the advent of the Messiah "generation will be like the face of a dog person," says the Talmud (Sotah 49). What is the meaning of this statement of Zion?

Face generation - it is its leaders who must lead people. Before the advent of the Messiah leaders likened to a dog that runs in front of the owner. Someone may think that dog is human, but it is necessary to turn to the owner and the dog will turn around and run ahead. There are leaders who want to please, appease all just to stay in power. Such leaders do not have a view of their values. A true leader is ready to fearlessly speak the truth, even at the risk to be unpopular because it concerned above all about the people, not their own careers. So fearless and leading for a leader was Rabbi Switzer ...

On the eve of the Exodus of the Jews asked Gd calling to take a lamb - god of the Egyptians, to kill him in front of them, and his blood to anoint the doorposts of Jewish homes, to distinguish the houses of the Egyptians houses.

- in front of them? - Moses was surprised. - But they'll kill us.

- You will not be free if you do not perform this in front of them! - answered the Almighty (Midrash).

Is the All-Seeing needed a mark on the doors of Jewish homes? It does not be to kill the lamb in the house, so as not to anger the powers that be?

No, this is a Jew had to learn to fearlessly express their Jewishness. Those who overcome fear, their freedom, and in memory of this strengthened the mezuzah on his door. Exodus begins with the overcoming of slavery in itself, with a victory over fear!