About dreams and Galut

At the beginning of this chapter tells about dreams: dreams of the Pharaoh, the dream of Joseph and dreams butler and baker. Since everything happens according to the individual Providence, it is understood that the investigation - galut (expulsion) - refers to its cause - bed - and similar.

Many sources explained that dreams come from the imagination that can connect and bring into line even completely contradictory images, such as the "elephant in the eye of the needle" - provided that the dreamer first thought of them.

And during the Galut: man thinks that he loves the Almighty, but in fact he loves his own body - although these two kinds of love can not be a man at the same time, and the like delusion can lead a person to the fact that he will sink into hedonism and will even break the desire of God. If, after the prayer of human behavior is opposite to his experiences during prayer, one should not think that his prayer, as well as the way he studies the Torah and the commandments, have no value - it is not. Depending on how well developed the human imagination, dreams can be deceptive and meaningless or true and prophetic.

Thus, dreams are rooted in the very high level, even though the person may not be aware of, and service to Gd in this sense can be considered as a dream: it may have some positive qualities and values, although it may not be noticeable. Source again, which is very high, especially during galuta shines.

In respect of how to serve God, this means the following. Divine soul of every Jew is always intact. Torah study and performance of eternal commandments. The fact that a person does wrong, time (after all, every Jew to come to repentance), so at the moment it is not something permanent, like "dry up the rivers." Thus, evil, being a non-permanent, can not outweigh the good. Good is always inviolable. This is an advantage over a period of Galut, when there was a temple: in the period of the Temple of Light the internal forces of the soul, is something limited.

Therefore, a person in a state of uncleanness has no right to enter the temple. And during the Galut shine transcendental powers of the soul, it is in no way limited, as it is written, "held by them among their uncleanness."

This contains the following note. Some believe that a well-formed service to the Supreme assumes sequential progression from easy to difficult, and that as long as the person does not make the first steps, he had nothing to think about the higher levels. This would be true if the man in your life everything happens according to a well-formed ministry. But since we are in a position, which was told "we were like a dream", it is possible and necessary to perform any form of service to God, which "came to hand."

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