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Mamtak le Shabbat - Bo

ממתק לשבת פרשת בא תשע"ט


Source: https://www.facebook.com/chabadthailand/posts/315873565197188 Tells Canadian Senator Jerry Grapstayn:

Engaged in social activities, I somehow found himself passing through New York, and I had a great opportunity to meet with the Lubavitcher Rebbe. I should have been in the 7-70 to 11 nights. But on the way there was some celebration and police blocked passage. I got contact with the chief of police and I told him that he was the police did not give me a ride to meet the most important person in the city. When he asked who they are, I said, "What, you do not know who it It Lubavitcher Rebbe?" ... I immediately gave the name of one of the officers who was supposed to help me. I started to look for him, when he ran up to me an officer and asked me if I am a Canadian senator. He said that his boss threatened him that demoted if he did not find and did not help me. He accompanied me to the 7-70 and I arrived 5 minutes before the appointed time.

Rebbe, as usual, I have listened carefully and gave his advice. But he saw that something was bothering me and asked me: What worries me? I told him that no longer young, and begin to think of what I've done in my life, and what still needs to get done ...

Rebbe banged on the table and asked me if I knew how many years Moshe Rabbeinu was the beginning of his "career"? "He was 80 years old, but you are still far from that age!" Since then, when my wife and I having some difficulties, we always remember these words of the Rebbe "

In our Parsha - Bo - we meet the first commandment in the Torah. After 9 executions and before the tenth, the Torah makes a slight digression and tell us about the first commandment that Gd gave the Jewish people. We could expect that the first commandment to the Jewish people must be something very important and significant, but if we see that the Torah in the first commandment tells us, "the head of this month all months" - that is the commandment of the consecration of the new month. that such


It contains this commandment? At the time, until there was a temple, two witnesses came to the Sanhedrin (Jewish court consisting of 70 judges), and testified that they had seen the new moon in the sky and on the basis of their testimony the court postanavlival when the beginning of a new month, and in accordance with this and all Jewish holidays.

Why is this commandment has been chosen to be the first?

Giving the Jewish people the commandment, Gd reveals the secrets of the lunar and solar cycles, to the Jewish people with a jeweler's precision could determine when a new month begins.

Judges sitting in the day when they estimated to be the new moon, and wait until they come two witnesses who saw the new moon, and only then will be able to sanctify the new month. We may wonder if the judges have already calculated and know when to be the beginning of a new month, then why can not they themselves decide and to sanctify the month, based on their calculations? And even more, if the court calculated that today should be the beginning of a new month, but witnesses did not come, but come tomorrow, the beginning of a new month will - tomorrow.

This is the secret meaning of this commandment - TV rec wanted us from the very beginning could see that the Jewish people is over the time frame. We are the ones who determine the "time", and all the other commandments, which we got after even if we once it would seem that there are some natural obstacles to their implementation, we do not have time to carry them out, we should always remember that we are outside the restrictive framework of this world, and we have the power and the ability to overcome these limitations, since there is nothing that would prevent us to fulfill the commandment.

After 10 days there will be 14 of Shvat - the day of departure from this world of the previous Rebbe's 69 years ago. Throughout his life he was involved in the spread of Judaism in Russia, and started to do so in America, when he moved there. When he died, and the Chassidim wanted to last Rebbe assumed the leadership of the community, he did not agree. Exactly one year later, 14 Shvat, only the last Lubavitcher Rebbe assumed the leadership of Chabad Chassidim. And from that time he made a coup - opened in 2000 Chabad houses in the world, and sending more than 4,000 messengers, which can be found in the most neglected parts of the world where there may be a Jewish soul.

This is the Rebbe's position - there is no limit of time or place that may prevent a Jew in the commandments, to


Wherever he may be - even to come Envoy and will help him in spiritual terms, and materially.

Therefore, let us accept (take) the good solution - add to the commandments and good deeds, to try to strengthen unity in any place and at any time, knowing that we just want to do something good and then no difficulties we not a hindrance, since the Torah give us the strength to be out of time and out of the limitations of the material world.

Amen :)


Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDIBVhz7vyg

Odnazhny boy went to the circus. There, in the circus, there were many animals that do different tricks. One of the animals that left the biggest impression was the elephant. He carried a large wooden beams, pushed the barrel, and all admired his great power. Following the presentation, leaving the circus, the boy saw that elephant tied to a small peg in the ground and the elephant was standing there. The boy was very surprised and asked myself, "How is that possible ?! A few minutes ago, the elephant dragged and moved the huge barrels and wooden beams, and here he stands tied a small chain and does not run away ?!" When he asked the circus employees, they told him that it trained elephants. This explanation did not satisfy the boy. For years, this question accompanied him until he met a wise man, which he explained. "When the elephant was small he was tied to the peg, so he did not run he tried to escape several times, but it did not work he tried again and again. but to no avail. in the end, after many days, when he tried and it did not work, he was captured in his mind that the peg he will never escape from the earth, and he will never be able to break free. he can move with places rocky mountains, but this peg - no Therefore, even now, when he grew up and became so strong he still continues to be held hostage by his thoughts of childhood, and, therefore, he did not even try to escape. ".

In our Parsha - Bo - we read about how Moshe Rabbeinu comes once again to Pharaoh, and said to him on behalf of

The Most High: "10: 3 And Moses and Aaron came to Pharaoh, and said unto him, Thus saith the Lord, Gd ivrim: How long will you refuse to humble themselves before me .... Let my people?" -Vsevyshniyhochetvysvoboditevreyskiynarodiz slavery in Egypt, but immediately after this sentence comes the word "Release ...


My people, and they will serve me. "- Yes, they come out of slavery in Egypt, but do not go to the beach and serve the Creator Initially, it would seem, it is called." Freedom "?! Yes, they get out of physical slavery, but they go in order to get into slavery spiritual, which is sometimes even harder physical!

The Sages explain this to mean that sometimes in our view, freedom means: do what you want. But it turns out that real freedom is when a person has the opportunity to realize their potential, their full potential. As an example, you can look at animals in a zoo. The animal is thrown into a cell, so, take care of it (food, health, etc.), but how can it be called freedom? While he was in the cage - it can not be called freedom, since he can not realize itself there. He would like to run, jump, where he wants to go.

Also, the Jewish people when they were in Egypt, they were held hostage by their habits, lifestyle, work, they could not give their soul to realize itself. Therefore Gd says to Moses, "I want to take the Jewish people out of Egypt, but to me this is not enough I also want." Withdraw "and Egypt have I want to teach them to learn how to sell your soul needs, and it will be a real freedom.."

Let it be the desire of the Most High, all of us were able to learn how we can express, to realize the desire of our soul, and the credit for this made worthy of this spiritual freedom, and made worthy so that God will give us a complete physical release in the near future.

Amen 

Comrade Chodesh and Shabbat Shalom.

Translation: Uri Golberg :)