... as a thousand years

As we have discussed, Rabbi Isaac ben Samuel of Acre (13-14 age the Gregorian account) introduced the concept of "the year of Gd" (Divine year). He relied on the Psalms of David, which meets periodically comparison of one day and a thousand years.

For example:

- 84:11 - For a day in thy courts is better than a thousand (years);

- 90: 4 - For in Your eyes a thousand years are but as yesterday.

(Curiously, the 90th Psalm is composed of Moshe Rabbeinu, and David turned it into a book Tehillim).

Thus one "divine year" is about 365 thousand (if not accurately calibrate the solar year, 365 250) ordinary terrestrial years. It is worth noting that the day and year are septenary cycle (Week and Schmitt, respectively). In other words, these loops correspond with just a "T (7 Sefiros lower) and it is directly related to the fact we firstly For.." T stage is Achoraim - external. And the material world is the outer part with respect to the spiritual worlds. And secondly For "T is also the famous" image and likeness "Tselem E-kim - a kind of spiritual drawing of man in Over." T (differently ZA and Nukva deAtsilyut) was created Partzuf Adam the First Soul. Well, our physical body is a kind of projection of the spiritual structure.

In general, the theory of cycles in the Kabbalah looks. There are 7 cycles *, respectively 7 lower Sephiroth. 6000 years in each cycle ** - this time, the accumulation of Aviut (thickness, selfishness). 7th "Millennium" - time to fix the inner part of humanity (in this cycle - it is the Jews, see note ***). 8-10 th "Millennium" - time to fix the rest of the universe, the so-called Gmar Tikkun (even prophets are not detailed what it will be). Thus the active phase of action is 42 000 years (7 × 6000). If this is correlated with the "divine years", we get 15,340,500,000 years. But modern science has put the figure at 13.79 billion years. The slight discrepancy in such scales.


History according to HID "A r.Itshak was a pupil of Nachmanides was quoted in Reishi Funny himself Chaim Vital, Rabbi Yitzhak doing research Sefer Yetzirah and Sefer aTmuna - ancient Kabbalistic books...



* Toranicheskom in the story of the creation of the universe, the word bar (created (out of nothing)) occurs (in various forms) 7 times. And I've got some thoughts about eating there the words A (e) rec (Earth) with the article and without. But while this is a very crude thinking and I do not cite here;

** modern civilization has an age of 6,000 years;

*** Our cycle - a second (different opinion - sixth). It corresponds to the Sefira Gevura. And in this cycle was a "guest" of previous cycles Sephira Chesed. It (the soul) Moshe. Moshe from the word liMshoh - out of water, according to the Torah. And water is the symbol of the Sephiroth Chesed.


Text from Wikipedia:

Isaac states that the universe is actually 15,340,500,000 years old. Isaac arrived at this conclusion by distinguishing between earthly "solar years" and "divine years," based on a verse from Psalms, which states that "A thousand years in Your sight are but as yesterday" (Psalm 90: 4). If each day of a divine year is equal to a thousand earthly "solar years," then a divine year would be 365,250 years long. Isaac then makes some other calculations based on the Talmud and the Biblical sabbatical year, and arrives at the said number. The scientific estimation places the occurrence of the Big Bang at 13.799 ± 0.021 billion years ago.