Approaching Sukkot - the Feast of Tabernacles and tents. The "simple" meaning of the holiday is well known - thanks for the harvest, the credibility of the Creator (because this week we live in ramshackle huts). One of the "Shalosh Regalia" - the three festivals (along with Passover and Shavuot), when in Temple times, all the men of Israel, had come to Jerusalem with gifts.

We will try to dig a little deeper and see hidden meanings of a number of holiday attributes.

1. Arba min - 4 kinds of fruits (ethrog Lula, Hadas and Arava). They symbolize the four parts of the Jewish people - Cohens, Levites and Israel Gere and four Behinot (stage) - Hochma, Bina, ZA and Malchut. There are other explanations, but they are not the subject of our conversation.

2. Seven days of Sukkot - hint at 7 lower Sephiroth, requiring correction.

3. sukkah (hut) is based on the "drawing" of our soul, in which there are 10 Sephiroth 10 Sephiroth Direct and reverse light. Therefore sukkah can not be above 20 and below the elbow 10 palms. The length and width of not less than 7 palms. Sukkah is built in the open air - an allusion to the desire to obtain pure Light of the Creator, without the "distortion".

Permanent home symbolizes the quality of the reception and temporary - impact.

Output for temporary housing, symbolizes the beginning of spiritual development in which we always come out of the previous state, falling under the influence of the highest level. In order to fall under the influence of higher, it is necessary to constantly change position, stupen.4. Shah - Floor sukkah. There are several aspects.

a) it is made from "waste threshing floor and wineries." This is an allusion to the Faith, which is despised, as if written in the dregs of our rational knowledge of the world.

b) Shah also symbolizes the Masach (Screen) - the power to overcome the desire to receive for its own sake. Thus we get the design: the pure desire to receive the Light, but not for himself. It is no accident in the holiday week was eating in the sukkah.

5. The rain on Sukkot is considered a bad omen (the term is rooted in tradition, although the true signs can only get to comprehend). The idea is rain / water is a symbol of Hassadim - Light of Mercy. So what's the problem? The fact that the rain does not allow to fulfill the commandment of sukkah. After all, it is our task to form a habit of Hassadim, for making light of the objective.