On the spiritual "violence"

Azul Baal said that righteous man cares about his moral character and plenty of others. A villain - quite the opposite ..

SLAVE "W wrote (according to his father and Rav - B" C): it is necessary to do what you do not want (our ego) and do what the ego wants.

Well, I pod'itozhu as "rape" spiritual, can only be yourself.

We know nothing about the inner world of another person. If he "does not need" something (that is, he does not feel the need), then it is no more a vessel for this light. And as if we did not want to "fix" the other - will not work. Well, what and how you can fill a nonexistent vessel? Nothing and no.

Did I mention the unknown to us the inner world of another. We do not know, or a Jew by the Jewish Halakha has showers (Yashar El). Gentile or just the same she has (deKnesset Malchut Yisrael - the fourth Behina requiring special correction, referred to convert to Judaism). Wh on the Judaism does not accept the missionary.

And the main thing that the action was not "external". That is so, is not directed to its correction (for correcting a piece in itself - corrects his "share" in the other).

And what is so bad external action, especially if it is kosher? Yes, the fact that the external amplifies external. In this case, "Klipot". This is how "well-intentioned, but in hell."

PS I want to "explain." I am writing these notes only been concerned, has "ripened" to this subject. But I have to do it in an open format - because these people are scattered in our world with you ..