Know the past, believe in the future

If I (the whole person of the religious) to ask "whether there is Gd?", I reply that I do not know this. I believe, I hope and so forth, but I do not know.

I have repeatedly written about the thesis aSulyama Baal, which states that only faith (in view of its potential infinity), according to the principle of equivalence of form gives a "pass" to Infinity (Ein Sof). And knowledge is always deliberately limited, no matter how great it is. And "not compatible" with the Ein Sof.

But how, then, the first of 10 utterances, in fact commanding KNOW about (Wh) the existence of Gd?

Answer: This question is similar to the question of how it is Moshe (Moses), "Gd has seen from behind"? In the case of Moshe, "see the back of" a situation "Panim be Achor" - where light does not extend to the lower. And even on the greatest stage has its own sub-levels of the "face-to-back" .. And the more there are the Achoraim - the lowest step level.

And yet, how to be the first utterance of the Decalogue? Very simple. Gd is infinite, and His essence is incomprehensible. If we know what that piece, reveals a lot of things we have not known before us. In that there is only faith. And so on to infinity.

But what is already understood and passed - becomes the last stage. Which is a clip for the upcoming stages.