About polytheism

As there is polytheism (idolatry)? The scheme is quite simple: do not see or understand the Divine Oneness, people begin to count the individual manifestations of the gods of the divine essence, on their own.

More "thin" evolutionary form of idolatry - this hobby material (even in fashion, even gluttony, though profit). Even thinner usurping the Creator's affairs. Stumbles here is very simple - it is enough for example to start to worry and kayatsya about "their" bad deeds *.

But the most sophisticated (fourth) form disguised as a study of the Torah. When "sucked from the finger" certain archetypes **. Not that they do not make sense, but are sheer tinsel distracting from the main sense of comprehension ***.


* On this bad practice tied "repentance." What kayatsya if everyone commits the Creator? Therefore, we can only worry about what "banished from the palace of the King";

** For example, when taking a scene from the Torah and pull it into our lives. Not realizing that the text of the Torah - is the most complex code, the value of which may be the opposite of the literal meaning. On the mechanisms of these processes, I wrote in the past articles, citing examples;

*** The main point is that God is Love, unthinkable without recoil. And our goal is like the Creator. Everything else - the comments.

PS alas, on the fourth form idoloprklonstva "play" is often popular, trend "mouthpieces" of religion.