Widely used in Judaism the concept Zhut Avot (merit of the fathers). Usually, it understands that after the merit of the righteous ancestors, their descendants are good or get rid of the punishment. But here it is necessary to clarify what it is and what it means in reality.

Avot (Fathers) - this stage Rosh (head) of the Partzuf (spiritual "structure"). Including Partzuf Israel. Roche is the stage of theoretical calculation of how much light can be obtained, not for himself, and when to do Siyum - cessation of receipt, lest Shvira (receiving for its own sake). That is, "sons" - stage Gough ( "Body" - the stage of producing light in practice) is transferred to this account. And there is no place literal perception, because the son is not responsible for his father.

It is worth adding also that the founding fathers of Avot are always the root cause and in their generations.