HIGHER letter

Supreme, Divine Light called Sefer (ie book, scroll), as it is written (in Sefer Yetzirah / Book of Creation, the head of the 1st, 1st Mishnah): And He created His world through three (things denoted by the word, recordable letters) Sameh, Pei, Reysh: Sefer (ie a book), Sofer (scribe ie) and Sipura (ie a story). And again he saith (Eshayahu, 34) and rotating the heavens like a scroll). So - the disclosure of Wisdom, contained in any book is not in the white color of its pages, but only in black color, of which there are letters on paper, in combination, announcing the wisdom of the reader.

White color (ie, the Supreme Light) is homogeneous and it is impossible to discern any details. But the letters, inscribed in ink, create shape and definition. But any definition (Hebrew agdara) are a limitation, fence (Eder).

So that could distinguish and understand the business of the Supreme and His wisdom and His manifestations relative to us - it was necessary to restrict the unlimited Supreme Light. Limit in the "eyes" creations, staring at him.