Magen David (Shield of David), the six-pointed Star, the national symbol of the Jewish people. This graphic Partzuf ZA * (Small Face) Corrected Atsilyut world **. Partzuf has 6 *** Sefirot (Hesed, Gevurah, Tifferet, Netzach, odes, Yesod), so also called Ktsavot Vav (six ends). ZA is considered a male attribute, the category of the giver, who is the Light **** Nukva (Malchut) - feminine attributes, categories host.

Compound ZA and Malhut called "image and likeness of God" - Tselem Elo-Kim, which is formed by the scheme human spiritual design. Also called Kadosh Baruch Hu - the Holy One, blessed be He.



* Partzuf (literally - face) - a spiritual object, consisting of a 5-steps-Behinot. Five Partzufim make up the world.

** Atsilyut (from Etslo - Him) - the second of the Worlds stage Funny Worlds correction.

*** Sephira (plural Sephiroth) - Disclosure Channel / concealment of the Divine Light.

**** Nukva (from Nekeb - woman and from Lenakev - make the hole) or otherwise Malchut (Kingdom) - 10ya Sephira, Vessel Desire female attribute.


ZA also called Tiferet (Splendor), on behalf of one of his Sephiroth. But why is it consists of 6? Answer: The Ten Sefirot are divided into 3 highest and 7 the lowest. All the Sefirot of ZA are lower, so they can not fully "to include a" three highest Sephiroth. So it turns out a kind of displacement. Khesed is Keter, HG - Chochmah, Tipheret - Bean, NH - Tipheret, hOd - Malhut and Jesod - "adapter" from ZA to Malhut representing "salad" from the rest Sefiros.


The legendary story of the Torah - Jacob and his sons. Jacob - Sephira Tiferet Yosef - Yesod. Yesod in Tiferet is under the Tree of the Sephiroth, therefore, Joseph called the favorite son of Jacob. It is said that the brothers could not "speak peace" with Joseph. This is an allusion to the difference of their properties. As we said above, Yosef Yesod is a salad from the properties of other Sephiroth. One-sixth of it is similar to each of them, but five-sixths is different.