People for some reason think that if they are "hits the religion", will learn, pray, observe, it will save them from the pain and the blows of fate that from all that is bad in our material consciousness. But in fact, things are not quite so. When a person is in the "animal" or "children's" state of mind - what with it demand? In the material world, children do not go to jail for the crime. A cat who stole a hot dog - too. Tolley thing when it comes to adult.

In a spiritual sense, the same thing. "Adult" is responsible stronger. It is rightly said that a stricter and more exact a righteous first.

Of course there is no "typical" situations. A person can be righteous and perfect finish life as Rabbi Akiva. Just as you grow - felt blows "brighter". Because overcoming suffering and justifying the Creator for what has happened, we are entering a new stage. In which you need to overcome and even more justified for even more. And so until then, until you justify it for myself and for the whole world.