At the beginning of the Shema Yisrael (!. Listen to Israel - a manifestation of faith, recited three times a day, morning, evening and bedtime) says: And thou shalt love the L-rd your Gd with all (two) your hearts ..

This requires some explanation. The sages say: it's two hearts two principles - good and evil. That is, evil can be put at the service of good.

And if you delve into the inner meanings? Full correction consists of two global stages: acquisition of altruism and egoism correction. If this happens - there comes a state of Ahava netshit neck-le tluya BE-Dawar. According to the Russian - everlasting love (the Creator), which does not depend (on any) circumstances.

So much for the two hearts that we must love Him ..

(And one more thing:. To have to be willing to approach this approximation That is at the heart of the desire to get when it comes to true things and has the right vector (not for himself), then this is a bad start, revised and put to the service of the Good.).

And then to read the Shema: (thou shalt love) my soul, nefesh, and into every pore. At any time - again an allusion to the eternal love of which we speak. All soul - Nefesh is Malchut. And Malchut is sformirovashiysya vessel desires. The entire vessel - ie, completed correctly and corrected desire (it turns out not to yourself), and without any admixture of selfishness. This is a necessary condition for eternal love.