(Based on the book Rabash Schlawe Sulyam)

It is said in the Zohar: "He is present (Shohen), and it is present (Divinity)." Baal HaSulam explained that "place", that is, the desire, which revealed the presence of the Creator is called "Divinity." Hence, the Creator and Divinity are one, and there is no difference between them. And it refers to the light that is attainment of the Creator and the vessel - the desire with which it its comprehension. So when people talk about the Creator, then we speak only about his disclosure of our vessels - desires.

About the same light - apart from the desire to it - do not talk at all. So, when we call the Thought of Creation, consisting in the desire to enjoy the creation, by the name of "the world of Infinity", the vessel in which the comprehension of all the good and all the pleasures that exist to this plan, called "Malchut" is called "Divinity."