And went out of Jacob ..

(Based on the book Rabash "and Schlawe Sulyam)

"And Jacob went out" (Chapter vayetze, Genesis 28:10). The Torah tells us that Jacob went out from Beer-Sheva (yavlyayusheysya part of the "inside" the Land of Israel) to Charan - outside. In the language of Kabbalah, the Land of Israel - a state of correction, but goes beyond it - kind of spiritual descent.

Rush explains, "And:" There was no need to write well, but why is that Jacob went to Haran, reminiscent of the exodus? And it says that the way of the righteous from a place to remember. When the righteous in the city, he - his greatness, radiance and beauty and splendor of the city. And when he came out, he left the city grandeur and radiance, leaving its beauty. "

(Drash RUSH "And this is not a simple meaning (Pshat), but rather Sod dePshat -. The mystery of the meaning of a simple fact simply meaning becomes fully clear only after comprehending the internal sense).

That, from the standpoint of spiritual work, means "righteous" and what it means to trace that it leaves in its release?

And the explanation is that the Creator is called righteous. Because when a person is close to the Creator (ie feel that the Creator is close to him and makes him good), then he justifies the Creator in his own eyes. And he has the mood and taste of the Torah and the commandments and to prayer. And in all his actions he feels the closeness of the Creator, and everything, whatever you do, do with joy and upbeat spirit.

And then decline occurs, i.e. lost his taste for the Torah, and it remains only a "trace" of lifting the times when he had the taste and mood of the Torah, and was a state of joy. And the "footprint", which remained in it, evokes a sense of longing for the past (this is similar to the distribution and light output and Reshimot that make up the vessel). This means that by means of these "footprints" - the Reshimot, one awakens the possibility of returning to the past state in which he had a taste for the Torah, to a condition called lifting the state. But now he feels his meanness away from the spiritual.

The question arises - what is and what is falling? And who benefits from this? Maybe it's a punishment for some sin of his, and he should correct this?

No, it's not a punishment. Sentences do not, there is a correction-correction. And they are only directed to the good of man. According to what has been said (about Jacob's Ladder), the beginning of each of rise - on the ground, ie, at the extreme end of the descent. Thus, the "spurts" up-down-down and moving people on the "stairs, stretching into the sky."

And yet, when and why comes the descent. We can say that at the time of completion stage - because of its vertex is the bottom of the next. And she - and the external clip in relation to the next stage, regardless of their greatness.

To descend and man from heaven, having lost to the hill, he was again able to find out how it is necessary to appreciate the state of rise.

Again the question arises: why would a man to appreciate the importance of the rise? In the light there is no separation in the stage, and all states - big and small - depend on the attainment of their desires in man. As befall light, and such will be the value of this light. And if a person got something above and he has a mind to give importance to this, then, as to how important and exalted glow in it it is for him. You do not have any great light, but the light itself, to the extent that, as far as it will give importance increases and shines each time at a higher level.

And then acts the principle of "escalator running down." If you do not move up (in the importance of rise awareness and aspirations to the Creator), is not standing still, and rushing down.

But how you can think about the righteous Jacob? The thing is that at every level-downs Wake up scheme is identical. True "fall" of the righteous - prohibitive heights for us.