(Based on the book SLAVE "Sha Schlawe Sulyam)

The Torah tells us that the dispute with Jacob, Laban said to him, "The daughters of - mine, the cattle - mine, all that is you - my it!". In a dispute with the same Esau Jacob told Esau: "I have a lot of all, yes you will have all that is yours."

Esau and Laban are Klipot, impure forces, ie, yet uncorrected desires and thoughts of man. And these thoughts and desires tormented man who wants to spiritual growth. They are sent specially by the Creator to cause a person to fight with them as with his. But in the end one realizes that there is no power in him to overcome these desires! And the only solution to the problem - ask for the help of the Creator. And it needs to have desired it.

Laban is the video for "nullity". It's thought and feeling, telling a person that he still can not make any spiritual actions that units only reach the spiritual, it is weaker than the other, and neither the family nor the surrounding or work does not allow him to reach the spiritual, because he had to support his family etc. So these thoughts assailed him. This clip keeps a person and does not allow him to engage in the eternal and the most necessary.

The answer to the objections of the body is that it is the Creator sends him a special noise to drive away these thoughts, could man up spiritually. And besides, if he has to reach in order to do everything for the sake of the Creator, what he care about what happens on his efforts? The result does not interest him, but only the act itself for the sake of the Creator.

But if, having overcome the interference of Laban, the man continues to teach Kabbalah to think of spiritual endeavor, etc., it is to him another clip -. Esau. This is a clip of pride.

Appear in it thought, "What I still special that he could so much to overcome, and as I mentioned the other Compared with me, shall be void around (even those with whom I'm learning) They have no such power to overcome and such knowledge as!. I have! And they do not deserve to come closer to them. "

Esau answer is: I am not better than others. Since doing to yourself, I'm worse than others who do not know, for themselves whether or not they do for themselves.

The only correct way out of the human power of any noise is that in man there is the need for recourse to the Creator. In general intention for the Creator, can only be to the extent to which man glorifies Him. And just as the feeling of spiritual importance (i.e., desires to give) occur ups and downs.