From teachers and senior colleagues, I heard such a thing: all that a person needs to know about Kabbalah - fit on three pages of fine handwriting. Everything else - the detail.

So many books there because we have to make an effort to learn. And each generation it is necessary to spell the same thing, but in a language he understands.

Of course we can not know a certain minimum. After all, as you will use the tool, do not read the instructions? Also it can be damaged ..

There is a difference between the soaking of information and understanding, between knowledge and comprehension. To know (something outside the base) is not an end in itself. After all, even little knowledge can bring correction. Therefore, it is grateful, as well as for the greatest wisdom.

And vice versa - great knowledge are often given for the sake of self-interest. To satisfy yourself and look favorably on a background of others. But it is in the material. And in the spiritual field this knowledge and not worth a penny. After all, they do not contribute to correction, but rather inflated ego.

In order that we can to build up its approach to the process of knowledge, we are wonderful and effective tools. About them we'll talk today.

1. hidden from us our current location in the long chain of rebirths. This is to ensure that we do the calculations (the calculation - the work of the mind, and hence the materiality). Do what needs to be done, and the Creator himself "presses the stop" when it will be necessary for our good. So do not be surprised at the sight of a man who studied 50 years and the remaining fool or women who have reached full correction in two months "partying" in the external groups of a famous popularizer of Kabbalah.

2. Our knowledge sometimes seemed blurred. Notice of such a thing - you learn fast firmly in one day all the flies out of his head? Creator removes all the excess information for us, leaving only as much as we really need right now. In addition, it is batting ego - it would be hard to feel their support unskilled.

3. Useful interference. It happens: only to get comfortable with books .. and suddenly the children woke up, his wife something needed, kettle whistled and so forth.

(I had a very hard version How I became seriously ill with bronchitis was so bad, that if he could pray -... The only sitting or even lying not have the strength to stand, but things got better, but I still felt that I could not! standing to pray. And then began that .. if I start the prayer sitting, so there comes a strong urge to use the toilet, it is impossible that you do not get up!).

Such interference given to us did not make study in self-enjoyment!