Preface. Category "long time" and "far" can not be achieved due to the observer. That 5000 years ago, that 50 000 - for a long time. And so it is impossible to live

That on the Moon, on Mars - away. And reach there is not really ..


Av Raam haIvri ( "father of the sublime, which moved (river)), better known as" the first Jew, "and forefather Abraham made a 3 ideological revolution. It does not matter whether it was a historical person or a collective image. Or even an allegory on a process - Indeed it does not change.

Revolution 1st

The transition from polytheism to monotheism. The phenomenon is so revolutionary in the development of the cosmogony, it can be likened in importance to the invention of the wheel.

Revolution 2nd

The transition from the anthropomorphic and zoo-morphic images of deities to the notion of "God with no image and definition." Sure it took an abrupt development of abstract thinking.

Third revolution, the main.

Ancient cosmogony echoed each other: some "civilizing" (gods, aliens etc) created the earth and man as an arena for artists and a number of its utilitarian tasks. For example - for gold mining. This can be called an idea of the "selfish deity." The principle of forming this view clear to me. Man sees that he dominates the animate and inanimate nature, and believes that it was created by the scheme of higher beings. So he has the characteristics and habits of the Supreme. But in fact, he simply gives the "deity" his qualities. Not casual all "gods" of ancient civilizations had quite a human qualities (pride, sexual desire, lies, etc.).

Abraham outlook (proto-Judaism) "enters" the idea of God-altruists, who is self-sufficient (itself nothing needs in view of it all), and created man, in order to enjoy it. What is curious - it is possible to deduce logically, means "on the contrary". If the "civilizing" were so well developed (Wh being flown to other planets, cloned animals, etc.), they would not have to lower "utility" being. But to understand it requires serious integral knowledge in different disciplines, a generalization of the historical experience and so on.



In other words, all this implies the development of a powerful mental activity and all of the same abstract thinking. Good question - which contributes to what? The Torah and the Kabbalah claim that the spiritual experience of attracting "ambient light" that will promote the development of the individual, his skills and talents. A modern Koreans are taught in the Talmud schools - for the development of logic ..