Why Israel is and must be a place of material miseries? Indeed people here are starting from scratch, lose their former status and are forced to work hard to humiliating work, and so on. Why is that?

Answer: This site is intended for spiritual work, which is inconceivable without burning selfishness. And nothing burns it as a humiliation. But even those who are in the least want to fight the ego - usually leave here. Say more - to any material purpose is not necessary here to go. Well unless you are a native of Tumba Yumby and simply being saved from the dangers of your country.

And in the Talmudic tractate Brachot there is the following statement of the Sages of Israel, the land acquired by suffering. Under the land of Israel is meant Atsilyut - free from selfishness reality.


More on this topic - in the article of my teacher.