Messiah, the Messiah, the Mahdi - who is he?

One of the tenets of all the Abrahamic religions is the belief in the coming of the Redeemer. Needless we will talk on this subject from the perspective of Judaism. And not just an abstract Judaism and its "core" - Kabbalah.

To begin with the well-known things. Mashiach is translated as the Anointed One, which alludes to the royal origin. Our tradition says that King Messiah (son of David) will come from the tribe of Judah, of the family of King David. According to the "simple" meaning a leader who would liberate the Jewish people and to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem. But what about the details of how this will happen is, a variety of opinions. Specifying only that according to Jewish teachings, precede the Messiah son of David, the Messiah will be the son of Joseph, and just before this will be the prophet Elijah (Eliyahu) and will blow the Shofar horn, walking in the "rough terrain".

(Hence, Christians have their own ideas about the Baptist, and some religious Zionists started counting Mashiach ben Yosef - Theodor Herzl).

So everything simplest sense over and we plunge into the depths of Kabbalah with the help of the teachings of the Baal aSulyama Rabbeinu. Her language, the Messiah son of Joseph is finding altruistic desires, and the Son of David - hotfix selfishness. And the prophet Eliyahu Blowing a Horn - the world's distribution of Kabbalistic wisdom. As the sages said - "the abyss of the waters asunder from above and below." This is an allusion to the fact that the disclosure of the Wisdom of Kabbalah goes hand in hand with the development of scientific and technical progress. This is not surprising, as great knowledge characterized by a large ego and to neutralize need more light.

It is worth considering a few important points. Messiah has both the general as well as on a private level. It is one and the same process is going in the "macrocosm" and in the "micro". I put these words in quotes, as it modernized terms. The point of all this is: you can achieve personal full correction and before the general will complete the correction. These lucky ones were the sages and saints.

And finally for today. Potential Mashiach is in every generation (and it is a root), but in Judaism is forbidden to calculate the timing of his arrival. After all, the Creator can "click on the Stop button" at any time (which deems best for us). But we can not know that, so we do our work and not calculate where to strengthen the efforts of, and where "relax".