About HEAD armor. Part 2-I.

1. Exodus 1:12 - "And as afflict Israel, multiply it and grew, and the Egyptians began to tire of the children of Israel."

Explanation: - how oppressed him as much as he grew and multiplied. And it is said to increase the spiritual work. Operation, it is believed that the person does not want to do, but either forced to do it, or is keen to get a result. Here, the result and the reward is meant approaching the properties of the Creator.

2. Exodus 2:23 - "and the children of Israel sighed by reason of the work, and cried out to the Creator of this work, and have heard their cries of the Creator."

Explanation: it is said twice "on the job". The first time - because all of them were moaning because they could not do anything for the sake of the Creator. But the second time it is said because they wanted only the work of the Creator.

3. Exodus 2:23 - "and it was after those many days the king of Egypt died, and the children of Israel sighed by reason ... (see above claim 1.)".

Explanation: The king of Egypt - Selfishness. The Torah does not recognize the temporary connections and deals with the cause and effect. When filled with the measure of work - it has been cleared Selfishness. But also the opposite is true - as long as selfishness reigned over the children of Israel, then was not heard their cries, then there could not fully enjoy the pursuit of spiritual work.

4. Exodus 3:22 - "And the woman asked her neighbor, and any woman living in her house, jewels of silver, and jewels of gold, and raiment, and cast (it) on your sons and your daughters, and empty Mitzrayim."

Explanation: The general outline of this - liberate Nitzotzin deKdusha (Sparks of Holiness) Sewage from Egypt. Why it had to ask the woman and that of her neighbor? Selfishness mixed (side by side) with pure desire as long as people neispravlen. Woman - indicates a state of (the desire to receive for its own sake), which is subject to correction.