Fight fire

Not yet opened in people selfish, he does not have no need to get rid of him. And the more manifest selfishness in all its harmful effect, the more people see the evil and the more want to get rid of him.

But a desire is not enough, as the necessary action. Actions for themselves are called selfish and material, and the action for the other (in order to bestow) called altruistic and spiritual. But how selfish people can begin to do what is contrary to his nature?

In general, the internal coup in man can do only the Creator (but this does not mean that people should pull away from the action). First of all, the egoist is inspired idea that to do altruistic actions bring more benefits to it than selfish. That he literally said this: well, I'm an altruist, but I will be rewarded for it anymore. Such is the "fight fire with fire." This is progress in the sense that it is a step towards the goal. But until that selfishness only grows. After all spiritual desires higher and global than material.

(And let it not seem this is a contradiction, because it is said, that the action for yourself this material, as it can be at the same time and spirituality? And the thing is that we are dealing with an illusion of spirituality. And let the person is under the illusion, but it feels as if pulled to high. for example to share in the future world).

So selfishness continues to grow, inevitably causing more misery to man. After all, the environment counteracts this person more and more with increasing selfishness. This process will continue until then, until it becomes repulsive man his image consciousness. It is like a drunkard who refuses to drink because it is in him no longer climbs and causes only suffering. Then a man becomes able to completely separate from the ego-materiality mean absolute difference properties.

And it is said - "Aveiro Aveiro goreret" - a violation of entails a violation. And so as long as under the weight of misery will not be disgusting to break.

And here in front of us are four stages of the spiritual rebirth of man:

1. Preparation for the sake of - full gloomy darkness. Selfishness is also referred to Egypt, and Wh is why it is said that the Egyptians were dark.

2. Giving in order to receive. This higher stage, means "exchange" deeds. However, until now - a person is under the influence of intention "for oneself." He gives in order to get commensurate or more profitable.

3. Return to bestow. While this step is similar to the aspirations of the Creator (to give without receiving), it is not an end for man. After all, the Creator wants the creation enjoyed - that is received, but "for His sake" (and not to yourself) *. It should not be forgotten that the Creator in no need - after all he is full and he has no lack of anything.

4. Getting to bestow - the highest level, which enjoy what others give.


* Therefore Seder Ishtalshelut (Evolution of the Universe) is stopped at the Tzimtzum Aleph (the first cut).