Team only plays at full strength

(Based on chapter Bo)

In the book of Exodus, Chapter Bo (please) Wh tells how Pharaoh begins to "bargain" with Moses and Aaron. Trade subject - who and how to let go of a certain period in the wilderness, in order to worship the Creator. Ruler of Egypt by crook trying not to let go of all the Jews. That permits to go only to men, then all the people, but without the cattle for the Korban .. But Jewish "team" wants to only play at full strength!

This is the outer shell of the Torah text. And what is underneath?

Men, women, children, animals - all are signs of spiritual stages. The Partzuf that Israel was fully repaired, it is necessary to withdraw from the power of Video Clips (impurities, called Egypt) all his stage! Moses and Aaron, saying that would go out into the desert to worship the Creator and bring Korbonnos. That is closer to God by sacrificing his ego.

And it goes without Clip resisted, wanting to leave under his rule at least one notch. The logic of its iron - only Man stage, we sacrifice selfishness. So what do women and children? All the same, they "do not bring the victims."

The answer is that the clip: the spiritual has a rule stating that "hating evil, love of the Creator." Ie away from the filth, no need to do additional correction. After a distance - it is a step towards the Creator. Therefore, it was necessary to go in full force.