(Based on the book SLAVE "Sha Schlawe Sulyam. Comm. To chapter Bo)

Egyptians ivrim exhausting work. And what is it? Rabbi Shmuel bar Nachmani says the name of Rabbi Jonathan that replaced men's work on women, and women - the male.

Now is the time to clarify what is called a man's job, and that the female. But in order to better understand this, first recall that there are external and internal, open and secret things in the work on the Torah. External and Public - these are the words and actions. Inner and secret things - thoughts and intentions. The first is the subject of Open Torah, and the second - hidden. With regards to the first - a man can (relatively) self control. The second - no control over him. After all of the desires and intentions stems all creation. It is a consequence of desires and intentions, which is the cause of creation. Reason determines the result, and not vice versa.

At the level of "Man" person concerned has the intention and not just action. In other words - not just "what I do", but "for the sake of what I do." And it's the subject of Male (which in overcoming its self-interest, which you need to ask the help of the Creator. And not all of the trinkets). But instead, the clip tells a person - "Do not mind, that is the lot of units, and you be like all nations of the earth - was just doing what you say and to eliminate from what is forbidden."

And on the stage of "Woman" on the contrary harmful to wonder about the intentions. There, it is important to train yourself to do certain things, in spite of "reason and logic". After all, we do not see a single person who has received the highest award, as if he did not try. Indeed, "from the dead" no return, and the soul of the living not vlezesh. Therefore, the logic and the external mind tell us - do not believe in these fairy tales. Do not have to engage in this nonsense, there are all sorts of strange rituals. Do all - live in his pleasure. Hence, the subject of women's work - to engage in Torah and Mitzvot for the prize. But if at this time to tell people about the intentions of paramount importance, it will leave action, deeming them worthless when compared with the correct Kavanagh. In fact, selfishness logic is simple - on the way to the goal, you have to drop all the secondary, and to engage in a major. But the thing is that in spiritual work it is important to all, and in its place and in an orderly fashion. After a stage not to jump.

Now, honestly, look at the surrounding reality and note: a lot of substitutions of one another have the work around. After all, Egypt there at all times. As a way out of it.