Mazal words (fate rock constellation) and LINZOL (flow, flow) phonetically similar in the root element of M (H) -s-L. So what is the connection between them?

Fate - predestination trickles, flows through the worlds, concealing, through the illusion of freedom of choice ..

Probably the most difficult thing in Judaism - a kind of monotheistic "duality". How to combine the freedom of choice with complete predestination? It is believed that it is available only to the wise and righteous, has the highest level of correction and comprehension. And while we have not yet reached their level, we have to combine absolute and relative approaches. The first is the belief in predestination, the second - in the choice of freedom (and therefore in the assessment mindset that brings suffering, because admits the existence of the category of "evil"). After all, until we reached the Corrections life with absolute approach means falling into fatalism excludes efforts. But being in this world, you can not play by the rules of another - or else suffer the body. Imagine a person who has ceased to perform actions (work, eat, breed, etc.), as if to say - what I do, because everything is predetermined? Very soon a man will die ..

Our sages taught that in contrast to the peoples of the world, Israel is not subject to the constellation. This is exactly what we are now talking about. In the "people of the world" man uses relative approach. And in the state of Israel (Yashar Lehel - directly to Gd) can already feel and apply the absolute approach, without the risk of failure.