Useful bitterness

Man, seriously engaged in Kabbalistic wisdom, at some point begin to feel very bitter feeling. Detachment from other people. Taunts and a total lack of understanding on their part. The lack of social circle, so that sometimes the talk about lofty things no one. But in fact, this bitterness is the basis of the greater good.

If people feel a little bit of bitterness from the environment (and its empty speeches and classes), it is not sought to be entirely for the Creator. Without perfect despair is not true (ultimatum) the prayer for deliverance. Such that if you do not give a person of what he prays, then he will not be able to live.

For the Light of the Creator need a perfect, 100% strength of the vessel. Which is the desire to get rid ultimatum (it is the same desire to "straight to the Creator" - ie Yashar Leelo stage or Israel), without even a small admixture of other desires. And this can only be achieved in a complete state of despair to find redemption in someone else.

And this is also the secret of the fact that every generation feels that living in "the last days", which is heavier and worse did not happen before. On the one hand it is an objective feeling - in fact with generations Reshimot (uncorrected and crap predecessors) only accumulate. But on the other hand, it is very subjective. After all, it is not always a terrible wars and epidemics, improving living conditions and so on and so forth.

But the matter is in the sense of despair. So no matter where you feel it - in a tent or in a palace. Therefore, and given that each generation a sense of bitterness and severity - does not cease to be willing to wait for him and redemption. Not to say that does not really even need it because it so bad, or that it will happen many years later, and so on.