He loves Gd?

When viewed from the absolute positions, everyone. But if the "come down" to the level of subjective perception and assessment of thinking, we will see a different picture. *

Sages said: they love people, to love Gd. This is true, but only for people who are on the steps of the "stone of holiness" (Domem deKdusha - "the bulk of the faithful") and "flower bed" (Tsameah deKdusha). There's people on the properties do not differ from other members of the community. A similarity in the properties is Love. But the one who is higher - and Medaber High ( "cat walks by itself" and "man") differ in their qualities and intentions from the main mass. What usually causes misunderstanding and hostility on the part of the main mass. And if there is sympathy, if only to stand above doing something good standing below, their subjective perception of selfish. But be it word or deed a hundred times true, but "against the grain" of society - so it hate it, even if he himself Moshe Rabbeinu.

Mass prove (their) right, advanced seek the Truth. This is their difference.

So if a great personality is becoming popular among his contemporaries, it is a sign that the popularity of cheap. And the man himself is not looking for the truth over (ie, Gd), and wants to please the crowd of ignoramuses.


* This vision applies only to our perception of light, but not to the Light.