Cognition and Comprehension

In recent years, often ask what Comprehension (Asagi) differs from Knowledge (Yeda, Daath)? It is quite clear that this is two different things. I will try to answer in general terms.

Firstly, comprehension belongs to the category of spiritual and has to do with Showers. While knowledge of the material and interacts with our mind and intelligence, which are products of the activity is quite a material brain.

Secondly, understanding and knowledge related to different "phases" Light purpose of creation. So, understanding is born from the Inner Light (Ohr Pnimi), which can be taken only by means of pure selfishness Vessel (aka Desire). Therefore Comprehension affects change in the man.

A derivative has spoken (and even the side effect) from exposure to ambient light (Gp Makif). This light can "shine" in the outer vessel *, which are not necessarily cleaned for this **. Indeed, what would become a professor, does not necessarily become a saint - because knowledge does not commit to it.

On all leaves, that comprehension is more important than knowledge, because the interior is more important than external. But then the question arises: why is knowledge (Yeda, Daath) comes from a root pointing to the connection, Merge into one? In this case, Merge (common properties) with the Creator ..

Here and there, in the Books of the preface, why Baal Azul clarify the external, on the contrary important internal. With regard to our topic, it looks like this: while we are not corrected completely, the ambient light is immeasurably greater than the internal. After the cleansing process is gradual, step by step. Bit by bit. And the ambient light requires that we have taken, pursuant to the purpose of creation (to delight the created light to all). And the end of correction will not happen before the ambient light will not be accepted in full and without any bvlo residue.

In other words - we do not solemsya (quality) with the Creator, without that would take all the ambient light in the corrected vessels.


* The outer vessel named in the Torah "Kutonet Or" - Garb Leather. It is said that Adam and Eve were ashamed to be naked, that is, could not exist without the outer vessel, taking "backlight" Ohr Makif. After all, the Inner Light, they were cut off (due to the "sin"), and even without light there is no existence.

** egoistic Torah study and observance of the commandments attracting Ohr Makif, which affects the talents and abilities. And this light hits for three generations. For example atheist Jews in the Soviet Union, constituted a significant part of scientists, artists, doctors. Simply because their ancestors, even as it engaged in Torah and Mitzvot.