(Based on r.Gotliba lessons)

As our sages said: all in the hands of Heaven except the dread of Heaven. But how can this be if the very first of the 13 principles of Jewish faith reads all commit, commit and make only one but the Creator? Well, this is a serious kushiya (difficulty). But with the help of Rabbi Abraham Gottlieb (longevity and good health to him), we are with you today to resolve this contradiction!

What is the dread of Heaven (Yirat shaman) from the point of view of Kabbalah? This is the penultimate stage of spiritual greatness, second only to the stage of love. Stage Awe also called level Incomplete Righteous, which may justify * Creator of everything that happens with him, but for others to justify yet still can not (sees and understands that everything happens only to them - true and leads to good, but in the relationship. others do not see). Therefore, at this level is required Mesirat Nefesh ** (donation showers) - as a final effort before reaching the target (ie, love - to justify the Creator of everything and everyone).

In other words, this level is associated more with concealment. Or, if you continue the thought, then Tzimtzum (contraction), which are not (before) -Getting Light! Which, in turn, as if "does not refer to the nature of the Creator" - that is, to his desire to fully open up to create and thus bestow upon them. And if this (probation) does not belong to the Creator, it means that refers to the created. And if does not belong to the light, then it refers to the vessel. ***

Therefore, the (relatively) say that the thrill is not in the hands of Heaven. Although of course in absolute terms, and it is in the hands of Heaven.

PS. And in the "simple" understanding thrill has nothing to do with fear. It's more of a concern to do something unpleasant to someone very loved ones.


* Justification of the Creator does not need the Creator, and us. After all, he who justifies, he sees that the Creator is good and just, and therefore can not help but love him! By the way the righteous Hebrew - Tzadik. From the word Leatsdik - justify.

** Pro Mesirat Nefesh - sm.tut

*** According r.Gotliba from here Baal Sulyam deduced that during the first cut is the vessel (Malchut) reduced their enjoyment of light, and light is not cut itself was considered by many to him.