You can often hear the statements of this kind: if the Israelites kept the commandments and live according to Halacha, they would not have been different problems and disasters in our country. It is usually referred to in the Torah, which in a number of places, says the troubles and disasters as retribution for apostasy.

Undoubtedly, there is a connection, but it is not as direct as some would like. Yes, and not all in the Pentateuch can (and should) be understood literally.

Take for example the Holocaust. Then died and religious and the atheists. Remember pogroms Khmelnytsky, when the overwhelming majority of Jews were observant .. So not all so obviously connected.

The fact that the observance of the commandments and the Halacha for reward or fear of punishment, not the solution of the question! Only by observing the sake of Heaven keeps a person. And in the spiritual sense - ie, It does not move away from the qualities of the Creator. But the material is absolutely nothing guarantees. Remember the story of Job.

Moreover, self-serving compliance with its non-compliance is even worse. After nonobservant wants to receive for himself only in this world, but he that keepeth the selfish - and even in the world to come. This condition is called "pig, which has only one sign of kosher (hoof) and exposing it to the show." While the pig nekasherna on the basis of internal (non ruminant animal).

But how, then, the rule of "E-toh le Lishma, Lishma Baimov" - from selfish to selfless observance come? Very simple: it happens when obviously understand your greed and want to get rid of it. Otherwise, you will become even more avaricious than he was before.

Our sages said that if all the Jews were kept to two consecutive Shabat, then come Exemption. First Shabat - this finding deAshpaa Klee (altruistic Vessel recoil), the second - correction deKabala Klee (selfish Vessel receipt).