It is impossible to stay in one place, another play by the rules. So while we do not fully corrected, we are literally doomed to estimate thinking. Otherwise, our life itself (and with it the mission) would be called into question. I illustrate several examples of this.

1. The man fell ill. He should not believe that this is good and comes from the same source as all the rest. However, the Torah obligates him to fight the disease, consult your doctor. A doctor gives you the right to deal with this disease - that is, to treat people. Now imagine that there is, if we had not fought the disease, saying, "Why deal with the fact that given the benefit."

2. The Torah commanded a fair trial. However, any court uses evaluative approach to their work. And if one killed the other, then his actions will not leave without evaluation - will act qualified as an offense (having a negative effect). And what would have happened if the court did not condemn? Like, why judge, after all for the benefit?

3. On the day of Rosh Hashanah is determined by the size of benefits allotted to man for the next year. It would seem, then why work, because the volume of remuneration will be the same as decided? But if we gave up work, it will lose livelihood, shelter, family, etc.

Why is that? Yes, because in a state of "This World", we have started to play by the rules, suitable for the "World of Correction." Although the decision comes from our mind, "punished" is the body. After all, it is material, as materials that world.

Therefore, there are rules for working in "two lines" for us - joy and rigor. A work in only one, does not help.

And do not think that such a person does not believe in the uniqueness of the Source and the kindness of His control. Quite the contrary - he believes in it. Just as long as he can not see (feel) it.


But that's exactly where you have to be happy and to be sure of the goodness of what is happening, because it is in a state of awareness of their imperfection! Because it gives an impetus to improve. And if you do not see this, then how will correct?


Hatred of stupidity and ignorance, demonstrates a desire to keep away from these things. And the more the desire, the brighter the "emotions".