Matzah and chametz

Chametz - leavened bread, leaven symbolizes selfishness, it is the desire to receive for its own sake. A Matzah - unleavened bread, unleavened cakes, and hint at modest returns. These two words for opposite things are written almost the same: chametz - a hat, a meme, Tzadik; Matza - meme, Tzadik, hey. Gematria of the word Chametz - 138, and the words Matza - 135. They are separated by two positions - 136 and 137. In the same way, there are two positions (Beria and Yetzirah) between the worlds Atsilyut (spiritual) and Asia (lower horizon which is our world, that is, .e. Materiality).

Not surprisingly, between such opposites as obtaining for himself and for the preparation of returns, there are two stages of transition - for the sake of efficiency and output in order to bestow.