Almost all of the state Jewish holiday associated with religion. But the calendar has two date has traditionally been considered a secular holiday. This is the 5th day of the month of Iyar - the day of Israel's independence in 1948 and the 28 of Iyar - the day of the liberation of Jerusalem as a result of the Six Day War in 1967. However, we understand today that the "secularism" of these dates, lies the deepest Kabbalistic meaning.

It is said that Rabbeinu Azul Baal was filled with great joy to hear the proclamation of independence. Wise and righteous clearly and distinctly seen the cause-and-effect relationships, said words to the effect that the incident of the 5th of Iyar is not never canceled. Later, however, he gave a very ominous and disturbing foretold about the future of the country, if the Jews of Israel will not go through the moral and spiritual development, and wallow in the depths of selfishness and greed. Anti-Semitism of the peoples of the world keeps us here, like nuts bag. But if you tear a bag (weaken anti-Semitism), the nuts are rolled on the floor in all directions. And the rest of the country, will be like a handful of the Arab Sea. This can not but cause concern, given that the rest of the prophecy come true * Rabbi Ashlag exactly ***.

So, as it has been said, both dates fall in the month of Iyar, during which the Jews counted the Omer. This count 49-day symbolizes fix 49-minute levels lower Sefirot, after which comes Shavuot - giving of the Torah.

The greatest Kabbalist The Vilna Gaon, who lived in the 18th century (according to the Gregorian reckoning), refers to its mission "left line," or to the Court stages. The book Kol ATOR (Voice of the Teaching), on behalf of the states that during the Omer accounts have two days when Satan **** is not valid, and therefore the possibility of release. As you probably already guessed, these dates - the 5 th and 28 th of Iyar ...


* That we see in recent years - a million Israelis (one in eight) have already left the country and another million acquired citizenship of another country;

** besides Prophecies Prophets canceled in times aGdola Knesset (Israel's sages of the Great Assembly), more than 2000 years ago, there is a prophecy of the wise men, also referred to as the Ruach HaKodesh (Spirit of Holiness). According to their prophets, it is even higher prophecy as "deserved" below. And if the greatest of the prophets was Moses, the greatest of sages who had the Ruach Hakodesh was Rashbi "And, Ari," Zal and Baal Azul;

*** so in 1922 and 1935 respectively Baal Azul exactly predicted the Holocaust and called on rabbis and Jewish leaders in Europe, to divert people from there. At least in Uganda, at least in Argentina, but the most important of Europe. Unfortunately the voice of the sage was not heard. But the Holocaust might not have happened if at that time Israel would be 600,000 Jews in the country. 600,000 th Jew set foot on the land of Israel in 1947, and a month later took the most fateful vote in the UN;

**** Satan represents constructive criticism. A sort of "quality controller" done spiritual work. In this he differs from Ashmadaya (from the word Ashmada - Destruction), which is a devastating correction. When Rabbeinu Sulyam asked why the state of Israel created without hands, wise, and righteous, and hands of the godless and apostate, he said, because the government created the villains, Satan did not oppose the establishment of the country.