Sons of Gershon

(Based on the book Shamati)

The Parsha Vayera (the book of Exodus, 6:17), listing the structure of the tribe of the Levites, the Torah tells us: "the sons of Gershon, Libni and Shimi". In the Torah, there is too much information, but what do we care what genera and families were among the Levites?

Baal Sulyam provides a clarification. Gershon - from the word Gerushin (divorce, exile). Livni - from the words of Lavan (White). And Shimi Lishmo'a from the verb (to listen, to listen to someone either). Thus the meaning of the verse is as follows: one who listens to the Torah when the service appears to him in a "white color" (ie, Torah observant, provided that it I feel good) - it is in "divorce" with the Creator. And vice versa - located at a distance from the Creator observes Torah if it is profitable it to ya