contactless PRACTICE

Kabbalah is not engaged in the study of the world and does not apply to material things. But why it is so and whether this means that Kabbalah is a purely theoretical nature *?

Not really. Kabbalah - it is the current practice, based on the attainment of the spiritual worlds and the highest light. Spiritual and higher, not material and low-lying.

But why it instituted? The answer is quite simple - is the root of spiritual material. And our main problem (selfishness, the desire to receive for its own sake), it is easier to solve the root, than to try to keep up with the branches, correcting quality and derived from selfishness.


* This does not apply to keeping the commandments. Study Kabbalah is obliged to comply with them if you do not want to harm himself and his comrades. After all, the commandments are given only for one thing - to fight against egoism. And if you do not fight it with the help of the commandments, studying the Kabbalah come to the opposite effect - the ego grows to heaven. And it is like yeast, which put not in the dough, and into the sump.