Tops and Roots

More than once we have said that the whole of the Torah and all the spiritual Jewish books - a code that hides under a divine inner meaning of remedial instruction. Therefore, the Torah can not be interpreted literally. So that there can not be interpreted, it can be understood only from the perspective of internal knowledge.

Here is an example. Gaon from Vilna foretold that the Messiah would come after Russian ships will pass the Bosphorus. These words - the code, followed by a spiritual event, "the Messiah the coming" happens as a consequence of the spiritual events "Russian ships passing through the Bosphorus." And no there is no connection with the physical Russian warships passing physical Bosphorus. We generally can not know how it will look in the material reality. And that's not to mention the fact that the coming of the Messiah, and how the process has nothing to do than in the tales told by the hapless masses of believers.

Or another example. "And Mount Sinai was completely in smoke" - is a verbatim quote from the Torah. A translation of it is - "the maximum degree of opening, people perceive spatial and temporal relationships in the material world and its inhabitants but in the spiritual world -. Cause-and-effect relationships, and the way the worlds of souls." As of quotes has turned a translation? Learn the inner meaning of the Torah and be able to see what she really said.

So once again it must be emphasized - absolutely can not pull events in the material world, in the text of the Torah. And strictly necessary to pull away from the neo-messianic and religious-Zionist heresy, was fond of such bullying on the meaning of the holy Torah.