The desire and opportunity

The pleasure comes from the desire to meet. And frustration engenders suffering. The stronger and greatly desire to receive, the harder it is to satisfy the more and suffering from a lack of desire.

Remember the famous toast about the fact "that our desires coincide with our opportunities"? So - in the material (ie the property of receiving) it is impossible in principle. After all, the desire to receive is characterized by the fact that if you give it, it begins to demand more. And even if we imagine that we can somehow get all that I want, the man with no desire to become "vegetable" or corpse (dies, commits suicide), because it is impossible to exist without a basis of existence, which is the desire to receive.

But quite different as recoil, which is called spiritual. There comes a corresponding content immediately after we clear desire a measure (from "for my own sake" to "not for himself"). What's more - there is no limit to the growth and content of altruistic desires - they are the properties of Ein Sof - the Infinite.

I may be objected, saying that there are situations in which you want to do something good to other people, but there are no opportunities to do so, which will undoubtedly upset. What is there to satisfy?

The fact that such situations are characterized by an admixture of a third-party (selfish) desires, whether we realize it or not. For example, I want to donate to the needy and sdovolitsya sense of correctness and righteousness of his act. It poisons the sense of satisfaction and pleasure from giving.

But the pure altruistic desire means understanding that you can give as much as is required from you at this time. It is said - "is not diminished and will not increase." Where you need 5, do not give a 10. Otherwise, the surplus will go to feed our ego.