The Torah contains 613 commandments, but it is gematria 611. Such a "mismatch" due to the fact that the selfless fulfillment of 611 commandments leads to the execution of the 612 th - ie, commandments dread of Heaven. And that, in turn, leads to the realization of the basic ideas of the Torah - the commandment of love. Ve ahavta les raeha kamokha - love a neighbor as yourself.

Man is born with the egoistic nature - the desire to receive for its own sake. The meaning of all the ups and downs is that-be to find a different nature - the divine, altruistic. True love does not depend on the circumstances, it is that you wish to bring and bring the benefit of one's neighbor, just as we now seek to satisfy their own desires. According to the plan of the Creator is to enjoy the creation of maximally. But again - it needs to regenerate internally, because the egoist is not clear how it is possible to enjoy the returns.

All the commandments of the Torah promote spiritual rebirth. Thus we can say that all of life and all human actions, seeking to get closer to the Creator, due to the implementation of the commandments. Just because a wise and loving Creator has given us to help them. After all, we trust him!

It's simple, but not so in actual fact. Let us consider a specific example. A family (male and female) - commanded the matter. Moreover, man's love to others, begins with the family - and then do not jump over the stage. In other words, you first need to love his wife and children (to fall in love - in the true sense of the word - see above), and then the rest. But this family is connected with the other commandments - procreation. And if a long time do not have children in the family, a man can divorce his wife and marry another woman. But here it is hidden and is a big problem!

After all, if only to create a family for the purpose of procreation, that means knowingly give up love for his wife! After getting married in a man, and some "on the reproduction of the car the children." What kind of love here?

Generally, it is a question of motivation is the most difficult. After all, the desire and motivation created before ourselves (worlds Igulim First Cut, etc.). And they are over - you can not force yourself to love, you can not learn to be altruistic. This can only be awarded, making an effort - just do what you should, and come what may! A is just what it should be - the best for our correction, even painful.

And the glory of the Creator, that He was conceived and disclose progress. Including medical. Now, many infertile couples were able to have children!

Progress, if used correctly (for execution commanded, and not for the fact that to eat in the pharynx 133) is absolutely contrary to spiritual growth! Reveals the "abyss of waters" and up and down - in fact everything that happens, proshodit good. Even if we do not understand ...