Judah (toranicheskoe) right was an absolute novelty in the ancient world. First of all, human life had value in itself. With the introduction of the concept of intentional and unintentional murder, it became impossible to pay off the intentional deprivation of life.

For the first time in human history, the courts have been divided on the court. And the highest court of appeals was not in relation to the lower court. They just looked at the case of varying complexity and have different powers.

There was no public prosecutors and lawyers. Only the defendant, the plaintiff and the judge. So it was difficult to lie - without an assistant who knows the loopholes in the law.

The judges themselves were to be not only experts in the law, but also have many qualities. At least it was declared. In addition, they actually are a professional jury. Specific requirements predyavlyat witnesses. In particular, the evidence taken in the event that people saw with their own eyes the crime.

The presumption of innocence is also rooted in Jewish law. With an equal number of votes of judges, the decision shall be interpreted in favor of the accused.

It was impossible to execute a man for a variety of articles, if before the crime was not aware of criminal intent and was not given a warning.

In some US states, if because of false witness testimony executed man, the false witnesses also executed. In Jewish law, too, there is something similar - though false witnesses, executed, if the accused is acquitted. Do not dig a hole to another ..

And finally the most important thing - the purpose of the court is not to punish or revenge. Ideally, it is the righteous judgment of the selection of the right remedy ..