And yet ... According to the Jewish penal law, in the case of manslaughter (unintentional), for the relatives of the victim conferring a right to a blood feud. With certain restrictions (it was impossible to carry it out in a special city of refuge). Question: Why does he avenge the man who had no intent to kill? Answer: nothing happens by accident. The general scheme is as follows: through the unintentional killer, killed it tough patch. But the killer became one, in order to go after their own specific Tikkun. So that legitimate blood revenge is not revenge, but a special kind of correction.

An interesting nuance of the Vilna Gaon: at a time close to getting there will be more cities of refuge for unintentional killers. So the number of unintended killings increase - otherwise why additional shelter? But how can that be - because it would seem on the contrary should come peace and quiet, but God's grace? The thing is that in a time pressure to require hard-correction in the forced mode.

And for dessert - the secret of the penal execution Saif (sword cut off the head)? The sages say that the villain Esau wanted to be buried in the cave of Machpelah righteous, and therefore came to the funeral of his grandfather Abraham and became the "rock" of law. As a result, he was beheaded, and it set in a pleasant cave. After all, the intention (in the language of the Inner Head of the Torah), he had the right, and actions (body) - villainous and had to be separated from one another (this is at the breaking of the vessels, their Roshey Kelim ( "head") is not broken) ..