(Based on the book Schlawe Sulyam. Reading for Rosh Hashanah).

Source just one, are his not comprehensible, but it is possible and it is necessary to comprehend His manifestations relative to established - as it is written, "according to thy deeds have known thee."

It is said in prayer Mussaf on Rosh Hashanah: "Thus says the king of Israel and the deliverer of hosts, I am the first and I am the last, and there is no Creator besides me." And we need to understand what the "King of Israel." And for the people of the world that he is not a king? Is not He the King of the world?

Of course, the Creator is the King of the world, even if the creation is not willing to accept His authority. He does not need their consent, because he will still be king to them. He reigns without asking them. And the only difference is seen only in terms of quality of Awe before the King and taking the path of faith above reason (that is, in spite of the fact that our mind does not see that the Creator rules the world the ways of good (to the ultimate benefit created), you still believe that this is so).

Man is a whole world in miniature. And there is the quality of bestowal, called Israel (Yashar Lehel - Right to Gd) in this man, the world and the quality of selfishness, referred to as the world's peoples. Israel takes the path of faith above reason for its decision, and the people of the world do not have. Therefore, whoever takes the spiritual work (Yoke of Heaven - Ol shaman), the Creator doth their king * - King of Israel.

But those who go by the peoples of the world who can not enthrone the Creator over themselves (in their own perception. But this does not affect the absolute power Sozdalya over the whole universe).

And at the end of correction, when the money, referred to as the peoples of the world to fix, it will come to say - "You know all the inhabitants of the earth." That is, everyone will know that the Creator - King. Before that, only "Israel" knows that He - the King.


* The most important prayer of Rosh Hashanah - Mussaf during which sound the shofar horn. The wise men decided to say in prayer Mussaf three blessings: Malhuyot (Kingdom Zichronot (Memory) and Shofarot (shofar) Malhuyot - to proclaim the kingdom of my over you;.


B-D Militant

Another epithet of the Creator is to the El Tsvaot (Gd of hosts). This is the name Tsvaot - two words - Tse (come out) and Bo (Sign in.) What does it mean Tsawa, the army, the soldiers? These are the people who every day go to war with the evil inclination, they are called an army. Their operating procedure goes through ups and downs, which means that the Host. That is, once they are out of their control Qliphoth, and then again fell under their power, and so is the name of the falls and rises (Tse and Bo - log out and log).

Because they perceive that the Creator is the K el Tsvaot Gd of Hosts. That is, all the ups and downs that they had - it did the Creator.