Unlike the spiritual work of the action in this world.

Torah - is the instruction code for spiritual work. I stress - on the spiritual. Spiritual work is work with the intentions. The path to the attainment of altruistic intentions and dedication enjoyment.

Yet, with regard to actions (or prohibitions) in this world, governed by Halacha and practical precepts execution rules. What in general is too Halacha. Ritual actions in this world need for cleansing from selfishness. And the more absurd they are (in terms of reason and logic), the better.

And in any case should not materialize spiritual concepts. After all, just to be like Moshe, you need to leave your wife. Or Pinchas - to kill two people. But it is a crime and can not do.

I should add here is this: the material work only concerns each of us. A spiritual processes similar to those at the level of the whole universe, and on a personal level.