Rabbi and Cats

(From proverbs Baal aSulyama)

The event, which told of Rabbi Jonathan, that he had a dispute with the priest, who said that it is able to change the nature. What Rabbi replied that nature, which was created by the Creator, can not be changed, and only the Creator is subject to this action, but not the power of man. Then the priest took a few cats, taught them to waiters dressed in uniforms. Organized a feast, invite the king, ministers and Rabbi. And once again started a debate about the nature of change. Rabbi Jonathan again said that only the Creator is able to change the nature. The priest offered first to start a meal, and then continue the dispute. Entered waiters - cats dressed as subservient, set the table with accuracy the real waiters.

With amazement watching the king, the priest and ministers on the waiters wonders. And they were quite sure that after this presentation there is no room for debate. And they all looked with astonishment at the serenity of the rabbi. Not a drop of surprise and confusion, they are not noticed on his face, despite the fact that the "black and white" is now shown him the ability to change nature. And he responded Rabbi Jonathan? A rabbi by the end of the meal when the waiters were waiting to clear the table, took out his snuffbox. Everyone thought that he was going to smell of tobacco, but when opened the snuffbox, all saw a few mice running out of it. And as soon as they noticed the waiters, then immediately forgot their duties and visitors, and rushed to catch mice, since the nature of their feline demanded it. So they saw the truth of Rabbi Jonathan.

The same thing happens with us when the "body" man begins to seriously show a taste for the pleasures of self-love, then throws the man and the Torah and the work of the Creator and attain pleasure and rushes, which shows him the body. And then he sees that there are no forces of their own to pull themselves out of the state of self-love.