(Based on the articles of Baal aSulyama)

Instead of preface: Internal "Pharaoh" asked the question "who?" So what?". Who is this Creator that I should listen to him? What is this service to you is, for which there is no benefit to me?

And he starts to develop the idea .. I am still too early to teach Kabbalah. First, "nabyu belly" Talmud. Gd willed to the creation enjoyed, so why not seek to obtain? Well this is contrary to human nature ..

We must answer him: never too young to comprehend the meaning of the Torah. Our generation is so low-lying that light, the prisoner in the Talmud, we will not lift with the knees. You can not cure cancer with green paint. Only the light of the Zohar and clarifications to it (and the Torah) can provide enough light. Yes, the Creator inhales you to enjoy the creation. And the question is not whether or not to receive, but how to get.


What is the difference between a gift from a handout? Alms refers to the need - the one without which it is not possible to go on living. A gift - unnecessarily, because nothing will happen to the man, he did not get a gift. Asking for alms in order to maintain its existence and therefore it belongs to receive. And the gifts are presented as they wish, therefore they are inherent to the Giver.

Let's apply this to our spiritual work. When a person begins to work, "the Creator," he was encouraged. And the more he did not need to ask, because this very enthusiasm and a sense of rise enjoy. Why did he have some other gifts, and so if he got them.

But as the person continues to follow this road, he spends more and more energy. Indeed, the ego resists stronger - it will not work without benefits for themselves. And the more people spending power, the gorshe him - he sees that only plunges into darkness, and the worst of people. Hence the need to beg - praying to the Creator, that He will give strength to continue the service.

Thus formed vessel - a real desire to work for the Creator. True - "E-omka de Liebe" from the heart. And certainly true vessel is filled with light.