(Based on maamar aSulyama Baal. Read on Yoma)

There is a difference in the relationship between man and the Creator, and a relationship with another man.

With regard to the relationships of the Creator, man must go by faith above reason, that is to believe (to convince yourself) in the fact that the Creator is good and is only good, despite the fact that the mask of this world cries to the contrary.

But in a relationship with another person, it is better to evaluate his mind. And this is just to explain. The mind is a tool of work of our ego, which does not tolerate humiliation and can not see what the other person better. It turns out that when the ego sees that the comrades are a step above, this causes in him the desire to be on the same height. And this sages said: "The rivalry multiplies wisdom." Ie, when one looks at the other - the high level they are as thoughts and actions, then, of course, that agrees to take a step higher than allow the strength and properties of its own "body".

Thus, by the Mind you can force yourself to be better than before. You can have the new properties acquired by the group.

Of course, and by faith above reason you can evaluate other people, as our sages said that "try to justify each person." But this is less preferred than the work of Reason. It is written, "Kol ben adam Kozyova" - any person treacherous.

But the approach (to the evaluation of other people) from the point of view of faith above reason (ie, justification) is required when a person does not see that his companions better and above it.

We tend to love our selfishness and hate a stranger. The nature of the "body" is that people, on the contrary, sees flaws companion rather than its benefits. Then it can prevail in the evil inclination - Selfishness and pride. It shows him the insignificance of his environment, making it clear: "Perhaps these people to whom you want to join, do not fit you, because they are much lower than you And if so, is not that you can win something, but. Conversely, those small force available to you at birth, it is possible to lose right now, because the forces they have less than you. So, on the contrary, you should stay away from them. "

And if a person has not yet reached full consciousness (their) evil (egoism), it seems to him that is in the world is someone who is worse than him. And evil is hidden in the heart, it is not yet revealed fully. Because it can not see him, yet it at least a little good. As an example, in the dark you can not see the dirt in the house. But when the light is turned on, you can see that it is there *.

A can not be correlated with the Creator by Mind. Because the Creator is eternal and infinite, and the mind is finite and limited. And between them is nothing but an abyss through which not move ever.


* As long as a person still sees that his friends worse than him, it means that it is not yet sufficiently the properties of light to see the evil within themselves. And he does not feel the suffering of evil, according to this being called "a sinner who is bad." Bad because he does not have the proper lack of light that can cause a desire to mend completely.