The Amida - overriding of the compulsory Jewish prayers, there is a phrase: ata ki Shomea tfilat Kol Yisrael PE Amha BE-Rachamim. Translates it this way: after all hearken to you (in mercy) prayer every word of thy people Israel.

But would this be? Would God satisfy all the needs of all of the Jews? And if people ask for things mutually exclusive?

It should look into these matters. This phrase has three keywords - Prayer, tired and Israel. Say about them in detail.

1. Prayer is not called any request, and the ultimate. Caused by a lack - such that you can not live if you do not give. The strongest shortage - the root of the very strong desire, which is the vessel (for the Light - that is the desire to meet).

2. Mouth (PE) - part of the Partzuf (spiritual process design) in which there is a calculation - how much light can be obtained for the sake of the Creator, and how to tear away, so as not to get selfish (to yourself).

3. Israel - Yashar Leelo motivation "straight to the Creator".

To summarize. When a person is fully aware of its corruption and is committed to the Creator with such force that does not want to exist without spirituality, his vessel was ready and means required to be filled with light.