From whom he saved?

I saw on the net an interesting question: from whom we must save the Messiah?

The answer is simple: from the peoples of the world, with which called our selfish aspirations. Man is identical with the whole world, only the dimensions are different. At the beginning of the messianic process, (patches) comes Mashiach ben Yosef - the acquisition of altruistic desires. A process completes Mashiach ben David - hotfix egoististicheskih properties. While waiting for the Messiah, it is not necessary to rush his arrival. It's only in fairy tales for simple-minded, this time portrayed as idyllic. In fact, it is time to hard patches.

But it is on a private level. What about the general? Total correction * it is the sum of fractions. Correction of the Jewish people is called the seventh millennium. Correction of people - eight to ten millennia. But physical years here and. It is about a qualitative change. And it can take plenty of time - at least hundreds of thousands of years, at least a year. Upstairs is more visible.

Hidden from us, it is in reality, it will be **. The only thing is something ajar veil - a two-time difference from the time of the Messiah prior to his ***.

1. In previous times, only a few reach the full correction, and during the Messiah fix everything;

2. At the time of the Messiah will be to comprehend the highest levels.


* Correction of this acquisition and the eternal's relentless love for all creation, which is equivalent to the love of Gd. But how can love people like Hitler? The fact is that in the corrected state, a person sees pure root of another;

** There are plenty of opinions on this subject, but still not exactly clear how it will be;

*** According to Rabbeinu Baal aSulyama.